A Beautiful Mess of Details / by Rebecca Stern

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My work begs for a closer look. While compelling from a distance, the real meat is in the details. The way marks overlap or one color is placed against another. Stitches that don't quite line up. A collage piece that creates tension with another shape. Sometimes these specific elements can get lost in the expanse of the larger work. To draw viewers attention to these finer details, I've created a Blurb book.

Blurb is an independent, creative book-making and self-publishing platform. With easy to use software and thoughtfully curated details, it was the perfect option to create and publish my book.


I chose to make a Large Landscape Photo Book to zoom in even further on the finer points of my work. At 13”x 11” it’s a good sized book and a standard size for many art books. The Oatmeal colored  Cover Linen from Blurb’s ProLine mirrors the color of my canvases. Blurbs BookWright free software made it super easy to layout my book. As a tech savvy person I was admittedly hesitant at first, thinking the program would not have the sophistication I needed.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that BookWright was not only easy to use, it allowed me plenty of customizable options. I was able to create a professional looking photo book with ease. My book felt original and true to my aesthetic.


When my book arrived in the mail I was so excited to open it and flip through the pages. Seeing my work in print was extremely satisfying and holding the book in my hands and looking at the intimate details of my work was and continues to be a special experience.

Flatlay two.jpg

As a painter, color is extremely important to my work. I was nervous about the print quality and how colors might translate from my computer screen to print, but when I saw the book for the first time next to my paintings, I was truly impressed. The colors were crisp, clear, and printed accurately!

Lifestyle one.jpg

I’m super excited that now I have this gorgeous way to display the details of my work that often get lost and that I can share that with you! Blurb allows all book-makers to sell their book on Blurb, and better yet they don’t take a cut!

Interested in purchasing my book? Here’s where you can find it!